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Many of the great chefs open a second table annexed to their famous restaurant. Is Guy Martin from Grand Véfour doing like most of his good friends ? Sincerely, don't be so sure !

Sensing is not a mere hobby.

First because 19, rue Bréa is not an address chosen at random. It's a renown address. During generations, the whole Montparnasse, the old exiled Russia and the bohemian aristocracy have come here, at Dominique's, to saber the night, eccentricity and nostalgia. The kind of table where soul is still blowing even when heart is gone. This is the spirit Guy Martin and his team wanted to re-invent somewhere in 2006.

Sensing with an "s" like sense. Like the new sense of a table fitting with its time. Like senses wide awake, on the alert, on the move.

Passionate by his job and contemporary art, Guy Martin imagined Sensing like a living painting where setting, kitchen and climate would deepen emotions. A dining room made of discrete details, with a nice alabaster bar, the smooth of table's sycamore, a bar with a luminous geometry, the alcove room, the cozy room upstairs and the show windows where you can see original Baccarat carafes and tomorrow's bright young things.

As an echo, a cook. Rémi Van Peteghem makes up a free menu, short, dense, open, sensible and exalted, technical without being demonstrative, light without being futile, daring a rolled snacking of tuna fish with cucumber and pistachio, a working drawing of a baby mackerel in a fine fennel tart, an Anjou pigeon coated with muscovado and iced turnip, the slightly acidity of a grapefruit thinly sliced lying on lemon shortbread and lemon ice. To the service orchestrated with elegance by Laurent Rosset a very Rive Gauche conductor.

Fall 2009, 19 rue Bréa is back in Parisians favorite address book.

Sensing an actual address where today's fashion is worthless than its modernity fragrance.

Par Marie-Laure Delage
Art et Gourmand Communication

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